Board Member Profiles

Dru Fallon O’Neill, TVCSD board president

Dru has lived in Tomales for the past 11 years and since 1997 has worked for the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District as a Dispatcher. She has been involved with Founder’s Day since 2005, helping arrange, organize and announce the parade. Her husband Bob spends most of his time in Amador County, where they have an antiques business in Sutter Creek. Dru is no stranger to small town life. She has brought hometown values with her to Tomales, from growing up in the scenic CA foothills of Sutter Creek, known as the jewel of the Motherlode. Her dad served on the city council when the town was addressing and improving their sewer system during the late 60’s and early 70’s. She learned that the symbiosis of responsible governing within a small town is to balance fiscal duties, to preserve the present with an eye to the future, and to communicate and define goals in partnership with the community. Her goal for working on the TVCSD Board is to continue the quality service that people before her have worked for and provided, while keeping value and costs under control.

Donna Clavaud, TVCSD board vice president and Financial Advisory Committee member

Donna has lived in Tomales for 26 years and was recently elected to the Board after serving on FAC for four years. She is retired from a career in non-profit development and management, where she served the Kashaya Pomo, CA farmworkers, SE Asian refugees, Peace Corps Volunteers, disabled workers, and those experiencing homelessness. As a local fundraiser, she has raised monies to maintain and purchase Tomales Community Park, the Tomales water tank and hydrant expansion, and The Annual Tomales Farm & Flea Market THS Scholarship Fund. Over the years, she has raised over $ 2M for Bay Area community programs and projects. She has been a key leader in the impetus for the Dillon Beach Community Plan and the 1997 Tomales Community Plan. In 1987 she co-wrote a study called “Living and Working in West Marin”, which looked at the state of the economy and jobs in 14 unincorporated villages. She is hoping to contribute to the development of the TVCSD Policy Manual, a 5-year and a 10-year financial and strategic plan; and efforts to increase transparency and participation by and for community residents, ratepayers and all stakeholders. She lives with her partner Marc and their grown daughter Kelly, and can either be found cooking and baking or in their vegetable garden with home-raised bees buzzing all around.

Bill Bonini, board member and Park Advisory Committee member

Bill is a third-generation native son of Tomales and has lived here most of his life. The William Tell Tavern was owned by his family for generations until its sale in the early 1990’s. Bill is a licensed building contractor and owns a home he built himself and his family owns numerous other residential and commercial properties in the village. He has a keen head for business and joined the TVCSD Board two years ago because he cares about Tomales and because he feels he can make a difference in getting the work done to run the district efficiently. He has served as President for the past 2 years and was just re-elected for 2 more years. In his spare time, he is usually working, although he is never too busy to stop and chat with neighbors and friends alike, and is known for his magnanimous character and his dedication to Tomales.

Deborah Parrish, board member and Financial Advisory Committee member

Deborah has lived in Tomales since 2006 and joined the TVCSD Board two years ago. She was born in the Lone Star State, the fifth generation of rebellious and independent cattle ranchers homesteading the vast Texas plains. At thirty, she packed up her little red car and drove westward, never looking back. She brings 20 years of experience as a business consultant for strategic and financial planning to TVCSD. Her keen ability is to shepherd companies and their leaders through profound transformation, helping people and their organizations recover, reinvent and/or grow their businesses. She facilitated TVCSD’s first 5-year strategic planning process, and since joining the TVCSD board, has demonstrated leadership in the development of policies and procedures, a competitive bidding process, and increased transparency and clarity to the annual budget process. She now enjoys her empty nest with her husband Chick, giving her plenty of time for her other passion, capturing life through photography. She often volunteers to support local community groups, live music and youth development programs.

Peter MacLaird, TVCSD board member

Peter has called Tomales his home since 2000 and since 1979 has been the owner of SF’s Embarcadero Automotive, Inc. He brings his experience in business and technical skills to the TVCSD board table and is a champion of small town local control and efficiently run organizations and operations. He has been active in local ad hoc efforts to contain TVCSD costs and increase participation and transparency to the Tomales community, ratepayers and all stakeholders, whether they be our SUSD partner, contractors or customers.

Peter and his wife Bonnie split their time between Tomales and their casa in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. Peter enjoys gardening, cooking, travelling and time with family and friends.


Tomales CSD Board of Directors Membership and expiration dates

Dru Fallon-President 12/22
Donna Clavaud-VP 12/20
Bill Bonini 12/22
Peter MacLaird 12/20
Deborah Parrish 12/22


General Manager
Jose Ortiz

Plant Operators
Natural Systems Utilities

Financial Manager
Melinda Bell

Cynthia Hammond

Walter Earle