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New Board Materials for the Tomales Village Community Services District

The TVCSD Board has recently released three important documents that have been developed over the past several of years. There is an introduction to the District's rules and policies for new Board members, a handbook for all Board members and the Policy Manual for the TVCSD District.

Priority Board Agenda Calendar for fiscal year 2016-­17

The primary focus of this calendar is to present a priority list of district issues that were identified at the last Board meeting to be worked on in the new fiscal year 2016-­‐17. The Board directed the FAC to review this list and to develop a Priority Agenda Calendar for our 2016-­‐17 Board meeting agendas. Many of the tasks for TVCSD to address over the coming year are dependent upon one another; ie-­‐ they have a waterfall effect-­‐one must be done in order to do the next one. This calendar was approved at the July 13, 2016 board meeting.

Management Study of the Tomales Village Community Services District

The Matrix Consulting Group was retained by the Tomales Village Community Services District to conduct an organization and management study of the District to ensure that it meets the needs of the community, but also to provide assurance that it is effective in its oversight of the services delivered. Even small organizations need to be accountable to the public and this study was an opportunity to examine opportunities to improve upon management issues in the District. In a separate effort, the District examined the revenue side (i.e., rates); this study examined the expenditure side of the District.

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      • Resolution No. 18-1