Solar Power

The district's 31.8 kW DC solar system is complete and online. The power produced by this system will offset energy usage at the wastewater treatment plant, the irrigation field, the lower town lift station and the community park. There are two solar arrays, one near the ponds at the treatment plant and the other located at the irrigation field. Both systems will net meter from PG&E and could ultimately save $50,000 to $150,000 over the next 25 years depending on energy costs. A new state law allows the district to combine the meter readings from the park and the lift station allowing us to offset a major portion of those electricity bills also.

Solar power provides an environmentally friendly way to reduce energy costs and will offset 1,768,807 pounds carbon dioxide, 5,676 pounds of nitrous oxide not released, and 5,138 pounds of sulfur dioxide not released, the equivalent of 2,878,026 miles not driven.